Smart Tips

  1. Please notify your bank immediately of a change in the mobile number, and update your registration records as soon as possible.
  2. Verify the payment details (either input by yourself or after scanning a QR code) of every single transaction before you confirm the payment.
  3. Think before sharing devices.  If you have an e-wallet app, it’s not the best idea to let a stranger use your phone (e.g. to make a telephone call).
  4. Be wary of storing usernames, passwords, account numbers and other sensitive information on your phone, including the storage within apps.
  5. If you find or believe that your devices have been compromised, lost or stolen, or that unauthorized transactions have been conducted over your account, contact your banks or SVFs as soon as reasonably practicable.
  6. Enable passwords on your devices.  Create a unique password for your digital wallet.  Use the benefits of additional layers of security provided by your devices, if available.
  7. Download and upgrade your Apps from official App Stores or reliable sources only.