Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

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Q1. What is FPS?

Q2. How do I send money using FPS?

Q3. Who can use the service of instant payments supported by FPS?

Q4. Which banks and SVFs provide the service of FPS instant payments?

Q5. Are the FPS services offered by all FPS participants uniform?

Q6. What are the operating hours of FPS? Can I use FPS over the weekends or holidays?

Q7. How much does it cost to make peer-to-peer transfer to another bank or SVF?

Q8. Is it safe to use FPS to send funds?

Questions on registration for FPS

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Q9. Do I need to register with a bank or SVF to send or receive funds via FPS?

Q10. What is FPS Identifier (FPS ID)? Can I request one?

Q11: How can I register mobile number for use in the FPS?

Q12: How do I know if the recipient has registered his/her mobile number or email address so that I can use his/her mobile number or email address for payment?

Q13: How can I remove an account from FPS registration?

Q14. What is the use of HKID number as an FPS proxy?

Q15. What are the advantages of receiving payments through HKID number? Why should I register?

Q16. How do I register?

Q17. Which banks support the registration of HKID number as an FPS proxy?

Q18. Can I link up my HKID number to a joint account? Can I link it up to more than one bank account?

Questions on personal information

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Q19: What personal information would be provided to the FPS?

Questions on transferring funds using FPS

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Q20. If my bank or SVF does not provide instant payment service, can I still send or receive funds through my bank using FPS?

Q21. Can I transfer money from banks to SVFs or vice versa?

Q22. How can I be sure the account I am sending to accepts payments via FPS?

Q23. What is the maximum transaction limit for using FPS?

Q24: How do I know if the payment is successful?

Q25. Can I transfer money to overseas account?

Q26. How to prevent mistakes when sending a payment?

Q27. I am trying to recover a payment I sent to the wrong account. What should I do?

Q28. If a payment has been made via FPS through my bank/SVF account but the payee does not receive the payment, what should I do?

Questions on Direct Debit

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Q29. How to establish direct debit instructions to top up my SVF e-wallet?

Q30. Is it safe to set up direct debit authorisation?

Q31. What if the account is debited for a wrong amount?

Q32. How can I cancel direct debit authorisation?

Q33. Can someone else set up a direct debit to debit my account?

Q34: Is there any limit to direct debit instructions?

Questions on QR code payments for consumers

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Q35. How can I scan QR code to make payments?

Q36. How can I present a QR code for receiving payments?

Q37. Is it safe to scan a QR code to pay?

Q38. What information does a QR code contain? Will my personal data be at risk?

Questions on making payments to Government

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Q39. Do I need to register with the FPS before I can pay Government bills through FPS?

Q40. Which banks or e-wallets support Government FPS QR code bill payments?

Q41. Are there any charges to pay Government bills via FPS QR code?

Q42. How do I confirm if I have settled the bill successfully?

Questions related to FPS App-to-App (ATA)/Web-to-App (WTA) function

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Q43. What is the function of the FPS App-to-App (ATA)/Web-to-App (WTA) ?

Q44. Can customers choose to pay with this function?

Q45. What are the benefits for customers in using this function?

Q46. Are there any charges for using this function?

Q47. After I have selected the FPS for payment, why am I not able to choose some of the banking apps or e-wallets which support the FPS in my mobile phone to pay?

Q48. Apart from retail purchase payments, are there any other use cases for this function?

Questions related to FPS x PromptPay QR Payment

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Q49. Do I need to register with the FPS before I can make payment to Thailand merchants through FPS?

Q50. Which banks or SVFs in Hong Kong support FPS x PromptPay QR Payment?

Q51. Are there any charges for Hong Kong travellers to make payments to Thailand merchants via PromptPay QR Code?

Q52. Is there any payment limit per day or per transaction for FPS x PromptPay QR Payment?

Q53. Can Hong Kong travellers make FPS payments at all merchants in Thailand that accept PromptPay?

Q54. Why I cannot pay by FPS by scanning the PromptPay QR code?

Q55. Is this new cross-border payment link secure?

Question on topping up the e-CNY wallet via the FPS

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Q57. Do all banks support e-CNY wallet top-up with the FPS?

Q58. Is the top-up of e-CNY wallets limited to renminbi (RMB) only?

Q59. Is there any handling charge for topping up e-CNY wallets via the FPS?

Q60. Is there any limit to topping up e-CNY wallets via the FPS?

Q61. Do I need to log in to the mobile banking during the process of topping up e-CNY wallets via the FPS?

Q62. What should I do if there are issues during the process of topping up with the FPS?

Q63. Can users withdraw the balance from e-CNY wallets via the FPS?