App-to-App (ATA)/Web-to-App (WTA) is a payment function of the FPS. When a customer access a merchant app or webpage supporting this function via his/her mobile phone and select FPS when making payment, the banking apps or e-wallets supporting this function in the customer’s mobile phone will be invoked automatically for making payment via the FPS. No matter what kind of industry, be it large institutions or small and medium-sized enterprises, can make use of this function to collect payments if they have set up a mobile app or webpage.






Step 1:Login to the merchant’s app or webpage to purchase goods or services, and select FPS for payment.
Step 2:After choosing FPS for payment, the screen will automatically display the banking apps and e-wallets supporting the FPS ATA/WTA function in your mobile phone for customer to choose.
Step 3:The customer needs to choose one of the banking apps or e-wallets to make payment. The transaction details (including merchant’s name and payment amount, etc.) will be displayed directly on the screen of the banking app or e-wallet. Customer needs to perform identity authentication as required by the bank or e-wallet and authorise the payment after verifying the payment information.
Step 4:Upon completion of payment, the banking app or e-wallet will return to the merchant’s app or webpage automatically to confirm the transaction is done.




Enhance operation efficiency

Merchants can receive transaction records directly. Through automation, there is no need for the merchants to manually check the receipts one-by-one, which saves time and more convenient. Merchants may consult their banks or SVFs on the details.


Enhance customer experience

Provide a simpler and convenient payment process, which can enhance customer experience and increase business turnover.




Fast and Convenient

No need to input payment details; and no need to save the QR code in advance so as to scan it during payment, or scan the QR code with another mobile phone. It is simple, fast and convenient, and can be used 24x7, anytime, anywhere.



No need to provide credit card information.


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